About our Game

Experience the story of a young nature god on their first mission, to save the forest from being cut down.

Follow Cepa, a young and inexperienced nature god on their very first mission to save a forest from being cut down! Fight your way through a linear stage system and against evil robots, to prevent them from building a new factory for their human masters.

Cepa’s Call: Return Of The Forest is a 3D, low poly, single player twin-stick shooter for PC.

Team Onion Heads

Team Nico Richter

Nico Richter

Producer / Vision Keeper /
Level Designer

Team Katja Seehafer

Katja Seehafer

Lead Game Designer / Level Designer / Sound Designer

Team Thomas Krahl

Thomas Krahl

Lead Engineer

Team Thomas Krahl

Sarafina Hüsgen

Lead Artist / Animator /
2D Artist

Team Thomas Krahl

Brook Tinz

Animator / Concept Artist /
Rigging / VFX

Team Katja Seehafer

Berkay Gürel

2D Artist / UI / Engineer

Team Katja Seehafer

Enno Winter

3D Environment Artist

Team Katja Seehafer

Justin Goldschmidt

3D Character Artist /
3D General Artist

Team Katja Seehafer

Jeremy Froböse